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3D/4D movies?


Has anyone here watched a 3D or 4D movie? What the experience is compared to a regular TV?

I never have seen a movie in 3D/4D but I really would like to these months. Maybe will visit a theater soon to watch one.
I've watched one film in 3D and that was the first How to Train Your Dragon film. It was good but I wouldn't watch a lot of films in 3D really. It's one of those things that is a nice gimmick but you wouldn't like it all the time.
I love 3-D movies , it's fun to watch them , and sometimes I do think that it's even better than the virtual reality as the quality is better of it.
Only seen a couple of 3D movies, never saw a movie 4D. The experience is nice, not something spectacular but i think 4D is much better
Been several time to 3D movies at Cinema, I had a collection of glasses home xD
I have never watched a 3D or 4D movie and I'm also interested to know the difference between a 3D or 4D movie with an hour ordinary movies.
I've seen both 3D and 4D movies. 4D are the best and we were at Disney when we experienced it. Their goggles are the best too compared to the movie theaters because when things jump out at you it really seems that they're coming straight for you. The movie theater glasses don't always have that reaction.
Body 4D movie is far better than 3D movie this is all about The graphics. The graphic of 4D movie is more higher than that of the 3D movie. And also it has more quality
Well that's for me I know 3D movie is not that unique like 4D movie this is because 4D movie has good graphic and also 4D has high quality than 3D