Tutorial Tips on buying your business domain cheaper

So you have started your business and your business name .com is taken, but its not being used but instead its for sale. The ones who are selling that .com you want, are just regular people that prepurchased the domain hoping someone like yourself will offer $xxxx for the domain. They’re not called squatters they are called Domain Investors. Which is 100% legal, but its a real slap in the face. I have come up with a few ways on trying to get the domain for $xxx or even cheaper.
First thing you should do is search and see if who owns the domain. You can do this buy going to, Whois.com and searching your domain. With a Whois search you can see when it was registered, when it expires, and its possible to get there name, email, even phone number. Unfortunately, sometimes the domain is set to private so you can not get any information. What you can do is use that information you gather and search it on NamePros.com. Namepros is a forum for domain investors to buy and sell domains at a reseller’s price so from $5-$1000 depending on the domain of course. In there search bar search for the domain, email, or even name. They usually pop up and you can send them a private message and send them a price. You can also get a cheaper domain from NamePros Bargain or auction section if you like a domain you see.
If your domain is available, register your domain at Dynadot.com to secure it today. Dynadot provides one of the lowest prices registrars around the web. One of the greatest services that Dynadot offers is free domain Privacy for your domain at one low price. Domain privacy is great to keep your contact information hidden from the public to see in a domain Whois search.
It will not always work specially if the domain is purchased by buydomains.com or HugeDomains.com These companies have over thousands of domains and will never budge, but wait theirs more. Yes! More, you can use ExpiredDomains.net. if the domain you want looks like its about to expire you can search the domain on ExpiredDomains.net and see when the domain will drop or if it will expire.
Finally the other option is to try and come up with a decent price with the seller, and try to get a price that both are happy with. Never go by an computer generated appraisal, they are never accurate. A price on a domain is only determined by the buyer itself and how much that domain means to you.
I really hope you get the domain you’ve always wanted too for a decent price. If you have any questions or concerns please comment below!


I think often the people who buy the trademark or the copyrighted domains are the one who we call domain-squatters because despite knowing the value of domain they did this. And their aim is to act like real estate developer and charge more for the stuff which is not good. I think that needs to be changed if you ask me.