Stock Market vs Forex Market


I have some experience with the stock market. I mostly put myself into buying the dividend stocks and also some of the time bigger stocks of the bluechip companies. But apart from that i don't do much investment. And mostly these days learned about the forex market. But risking a lot into the forex market is not a good thing. So we have to do what may work out for us.

Which one of stock or forex market you would prefer?

Lord Saru

I prefer to go the stock market way. The good thing about stick market is that once you get the knack of it, you can pretty well predict for yourselves if the market is going to be bearish or bullish.

It permits hot money, easy and instantaneous removal and addition and are more in line with market realities. On the other hand, the forex trading isnt easy, its more dependent on government and banking policies rather than market reality and requires large capital to make significant gains.

I am going the stockmarket way.