Relying on Caffeine?


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With here has caffeine? It comes in many forms, either naturally or refined. What is your addiction to caffeine that you need to help you get through a particularly tough day?

Mine is usually three cups of good coffee a week, maybe 4 max, I don't have any other forms, like caffeine pill, a regular soda, or an energy drink.

Lord Saru

I am allergic to milk, so I dont take tea or coffee. Been that way from my younger days itself.

Lately, after visiting a friend of mine who is a green tea addict, I started drinking them, only to find out that it is very refreshing. Now I drink 1 cup of brewed green tea everyday, ocassionally 2.

If at all I am drinking green tea, I take them without sugar or honey and in empty stomach after excercise. I recommend it to everyone.


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Umm coffee is a must in the business world... I drink about 3-5 cups a day... yeah it’s not healthy hahaha.
Black coffee of course!


I drink energy drinks ecwry day, about 2-3 a day. I do it mostly because of the taste since i dont really feal that the caffeine has an affect on me, at least not the way it used to had a couple years ago when i started consuming it