Adsense Income as Business


A lot of bloggers and the websites have now setup the adsense as a form of income stream. And they seem to be making a good amount of money from that sort of the content marketing business. So far however I have not found out much income generating website. And I wish to expore on that option in near future. I am wondering if anyone here knows about this sort of the adsense income as a business?

Would you get into such type of a business?


Sure, but the problem is that SEO is massively difficult these days. Well, where else would you get the traffic? I'd say one place could be social media, but you'd need a huge following that would be massively expensive to build. Well, would the price of building the following and/or the SEO too much outweigh the profit from Adsense? Well, how much patience would you have until you break even?


Adsense never worked out for me and i think i won't be making use of the Adsense in Future. l like to make use of Affiliate system and earn income from it.