The Future of ESkuta - SX-250 Series IIII

In today's Article, we will be discussing ESkuta. Before we discuss the potential future and features that ESkuta might release in its next model, let's remind our new readers what eskuta is. The Eskuta SX 250 was engineered and built in Britain, led by Paul, the lead engineer of ESkuta at the time of writing this Article. So, what exactly is an ESkuta? Well, it's an E-Bike, like a moped, and rides like one but is classed legally as an e-bike, meeting the requirements of an EAPC meaning anyone over 14 can get on and ride. The Eskuta differs from most electric bikes on the market, where when the pedals are turned, the motor engages up to a top speed of 15mph or 25kmph.

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Features that we could see on the ESkuta 4 Series:
  • An ESkuta App
  • Hazard Indicators
  • Release of motorbikes
  • A louder horn
  • Regen Breaking
An ESkuta App - Available to Download on the Apple App and Google Play Store

Similar to the Ninebot Segway G30 Kick Scooter, something I would like to see released on the SX-250 Series IIII is a Bluetooth Application. Your phone connects to the device via Bluetooth, which allows you to remotely unlock and lock the scooter and track mileage in km or m. With technology ever evolving every day and as I'm typing, it's essential not only for ESkuta but all Electric Motorcycle engineers to enter this type of tech into their products. Because let's face it - if you're like me, you probably have the habit of misplacing you're ESkuta keys, and replacing an ignition barrel on an EBike or EMotorbike isn't cheap and very time-consuming. Furthermore, having Cruise Control would not be lawful unless such legislation is updated to reflect the legal usage of a throttle in the EAPC Class. If ESkuta was to work on something like this, we could see it across all of their products, including E-Scooters, E-Bikes, and maybe the relaunch of E-Motorbikes.

If the ESkuta app could send you "push notifications" of when the bike is unlocked or locked and when movement is detected when locked, these precious few seconds could mean the difference to you're ESkuta being stolen. For example, if you lock your E-Bike with your wireless keyfob now and head inside to grab a few things from a corner shop, you can't be 100% sure that someone isn't tampering with your pride and joy outside. However, with such technology on a mobile application, having push alerts would be highly beneficial through a Bluetooth-enabled ESkuta SX-250 Series IIII app.

Hazard Indicators for ESkuta SX-250 Series IIII
s-l500 (1).jpg

You don't see many E-Bike or E-Motorbike manufacturing companies with Hazard Indicators embedded within their designs, certainly not ESkuta. Hazard indicators are also known as Double Lights in layman's terms. Just like operating a car, if manufacturing companies can adopt this technology into their bikes, it would ultimately make the rider safer on UK Roads. For example, the need to pull in and stop where parking isn't permitted, in rare and mitigating circumstances, due to the risk. From a distance, seeing something like this on the ESkuta would be a very modern-looking view.

Release of motorbikes for ESkuta


ESkuta did have an SR1200 SERIES many years ago, with a 1200w rear-hubbed motor. You'd reach a top speed of 30mph and obtain a maximum range of 60 miles. The SR1200 series is a 50cc equivalent of a petrol motorbike, coming in at around £1895 when it was available for consumer purchase. ESkuta now only offers the E-Bike and E-Scooter range at the time of writing this Article and does not offer motorbikes. If ESkuta were to offer motorbikes again, I would love to see the company offer DVLA Registration on the consumer's behalf and deliver the bike ready to ride, PDI tested with the license plate fitted on the rear. Next time they release a motorcycle model, to start with, having a 50cc and a 125cc equivalent bike for sale would be a good addition. CBT, or compulsory basic training, permits riders who successfully pass the course who are 17 years and older to ride up to 125cc displaying L plates front and rear.

A louder horn for the ESkuta SX-250 Series IIII

s-l500 (2).jpg

The ESkuta Three Series doesn't have a horn that is as loud in comparison with a typical motorbike. To keep the whole Built like a Moped but rides like a Bike moto, I would love to see ESkuta introduce a different horn with the same pitch as a motorcycle. Cars and other motorists find it very difficult to hear me when I press my horn on my ESkuta E-Bike to let them know I'm there, which could ultimately lead to a road traffic collision. While having a louder horn would make the bike feel and act more like a moped, it would essentially act as an enhanced safety feature for riders.

Regenerative braking for ESkuta SX-250 Series IIII
How would something like this be integrated into ESkuta or an E-Bike?


When you press the brake lever on your ESkuta, the hydraulic fluid pushes brake pads against brake discs on each wheel. The result? Friction. It slows the E-Bike down, eventually generating heat and removing the pads and discs from general wear and tear. Regenerative braking is a technique that uses the energy loss from halting to replenish the battery. Braking on a standard EBike wastes energy; however, regenerative braking can reuse some of the electricity.

Integrating this type of technology is expensive to buy and time-consuming to integrate into the controller of the e-bike. Your bike's electric motor works in two orientations: one to drive the wheels and move the bike and the other to replenish the battery. As you're ESkuta and most E-Bikes are rear hubbed powered, you're back braking system would recharge the battery on the bike. In layperson's terms, this is what your ESkuta's E-Bikes controller is telling the rear-hubbed motor what to do. When you press down on both levers, the controller tells the motor to change direction and recharge the battery.

The Future of ESkuta - SX-250 Series IIII

Thank you for taking the time to read my Article discussing the future of EBikes, specifically the ESkuta SX250 Series. If you reside in the USA or UK and are interested in purchasing an ESkuta, Bizdustry has partnered with ESkuta offering our customers 5% of their total purchase. Quote the promotional code Alex5 when ordering you're ESkuta to sales on 024 76 350150 or by emailing Michael Kalinowski on [email protected], who is the current sales manager of the company.